"Encouragement, Development, Achievement"

Rules and Regulations


Your participation in the Kristin Lewis Foundation Vocal Scholarship Auditions is subject to the
following governing regulations:

1) Applicants must be within the following ages:
18 – 25 years old for all voice types from August 1, 2016 through March 5, 2017


2) Eligibility:
All Vocal Performance Majors, Music Education Majors with emphasis on Voice, Bachelor of Arts
Majors with emphasis on Voice and Masters of Arts Majors with emphasis on Voice may apply.

3) Audition Repertoire:
Each singer must prepare five operatic arias. The list must include one aria in English and two in
other languages. The repertoire list also must include an aria by Mozart or Handel and must
include a 20th/21st Century aria (not Puccini or Strauss for this requirement). Note: one aria could
represent more than one of the requirements, i.e., the required 20th/21st Century aria could also
be your aria in English; the Mozart aria will fulfill one of your foreign language requirements. Once
an application is submitted, there will be no changes in repertoire permitted.

4) Application Requirements:
Each Applicant must submit an audio or video recording of two arias in contrasting styles and
languages with piano or orchestral accompaniment, made within the past 12 months. Recordings
must be uploaded with completed application, proof of age, proof of undergraduate or graduate
enrollment, and professional headshot in an email to the Kristin Lewis Foundation at
The deadline for all application materials is January 24, 2017.

5) Identity Documents:
If granted a live audition, finalists will be required to present for review proof of age with date of
birth noted on one of the following forms of identification only: birth certificate, passport, or valid
driver’s license.

6) Finalists:
Up to Fifteen Finalists will be invited to participate in the live auditions at the Pulaski Technical
College Center for Humanities and Arts in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 4 – 5, 2017. Finalists will
be informed by February 5, 2017.

7) Awards:
Finalists are eligible for Five Awards:

*Kristin Lewis Foundation Vienna Stipendium – A one week, all expense paid
trip to Vienna, Austria for voice lessons, vocal coaching with a staff member
from the Vienna State Opera, acting and diction lessons.
*Kristin Lewis Foundation Scholarship – $4000
*Kristin Lewis Foundation Young Artist Award – $3000
*Kristin Lewis Foundation Artist Development Award – $2000
*Kristin Lewis Foundation Encouragement/Audience Award – $1000

8) Renumeration:
The Kristin Lewis Foundation Vocal Scholarships are paid by check. The awards will be processed
through the Kristin Lewis Foundation, and therefore may not be available to the awarded
participant on the day the scholarship is given.

9) Past audition participants:
Past audition participants (except those who have exceeded the age limit or twice been awarded a
Kristin Lewis Foundation Vocal Scholarship or Award) may re-audition as new applicants. Singers
may enter auditions once per academic year. Former recipients who have twice received a Kristin
Lewis Foundation Vocal Scholarship award are no longer eligible to audition.

10) Proof of age:
All applicants must provide proof of undergraduate or graduate enrollment in a college or university
from any U.S. state, before being permitted to enter the live auditions.

11) Proof of Academic Enrollment:
All applicants must participate in all activities of the audition process, until the award recipient(s)
have been named.

12) Accompaniment:
An official pianist will be provided at no charge to the applicant. The applicant may provide his/her
own pianist, if desired, at his/her own expense.

13) Availability:
To be eligible to enter the Scholarship Auditions, you must be available EXCLUSIVELY to the
Kristin Lewis Foundation Vocal Scholarships for the following:

a.) your respective live audition date and time;
b.) private coaching sessions with the jury
c.) round table discussion
d.) preparation for the Awards Concert on March 5, 2017.

Participation in non-Kristin Lewis Foundation Vocal Scholarship related professional
engagements are not permitted during the times specified in a), b), c) and d) above, unless
approved IN ADVANCE by the Managing Coordinator of the Auditions. Failure to receive
advance approval for an unrelated engagement automatically DISQUALIFIES you from the
live auditions and Awards concert.

14) Any misrepresentation on the application will be cause for disqualification without benefit of

All decisions of the judges are final and binding without the possibility of appeal.