"Encouragement, Development, Achievement"

The Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kristin Lewis Foundation is to provide an inspiring environment that engages all musically talented individuals. Through education, performance, and experiences in music, the Foundation seeks to invite, nurture, and engage participants and our community in the discovery and appreciation of opera and musical cultures of yesterday and today.
The enduring goals of the Kristin Lewis Foundation are to shine a spotlight on talented musicians and encourage the pursuit of musical endeavors at all levels of performance. In addition, the Foundation facilitates support from donors who wish to sponsor scholarships for outstanding musical talent.

The Kristin Lewis Foundation recognizes the capacity, opportunity, and responsibility the performing arts have to our global musical heritage. The awareness of multiple aesthetic ideals and harmony in society are among the Foundation’s objectives. The Foundation advocates a wider and deeper respect for classical music in general and for exceptionally talented individuals in particular. The encouragement of talented musicians and the development of their gifts balanced with the comprehensive appreciation of classical music and the arts are at the heart of the Kristin Lewis Foundation’s mission.